Rotor - mobile hydropower plant
2011  Prototyp I

A water wheel (Darrieus Rotor) with a vertical axis and 3 fixed blades in a mobile, small hydropower plant is rotating through the flow of a river like a turbine and generates electricity. Flowing water can therefore be used to temporarily or permanently generate current. The hydropower object consists of a big rubber tube (tractor) as floater, a electricity generator (dynamo), a rotor with 3 driving blades made of thin metal sheet. For regions without electricity supply but rivers the rotor offers an easy way to generate electricity. All materials are available worldwide and cost efficient. Material: steel tube, steel sheet, rubber tube, dynamo. Diameter 1.35 m, height: approx. 1.0 m.

It received the Innovation Award of the European Small Hydropower Association in 2014 and the empowering people Award by the Siemens Stiftung in 2013. A joint project in collaboration with the Hydromechanics Laboratory of the Technical University Munich.
Scientific assistance Andreas Zeiselmair.

Exhibitions only with mobile Hydro Rotor:

2014 - Entrepreneurship Summit - Prof. Faltin, Berlin.
2014 - Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, Munich.
2014 - Doha, Quatar - Ars Electronica at the 2014 ITU Telecom World "The Lab" showcased a selection of innovative projects at the interface of art, technology and society.

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