The built-in fittings and furnishings in the German-Chinese House at EXPO 2010 were developed specially for the occasion. They are at once multi-functional and art objects. The self-imposed standards were that they should require low expenditure on resources, be recyclable and employ environmentally friendly materials in a futuristic design.  The armchairs, stools and tables were finished off with stainless-steel mounts.
This concept was complemented by six ‘object tables’ with collages of the six stations of the Germany-and-China Initiative.

During the manufacturing process, the various parts, consisting of multiple layers of ultra-thin bamboo veneer, were glued into shape to a material thickness of up to 12 millimetres. The resulting springy armchairs and seats can, in next to no time, be stacked, along with the tables, into spatial sculptures, or be converted from seating furniture into desks with a height of 72 centimetres.