Arten und Elemente - Markus Heinsdorff

The work of the Munich artist Markus Heinsdorff moves at the interfaces of art, architecture, science and technology. For the Kallmann-Museum Ismaning he conceived the exhibition project "Arten und Elemente" ("Species and Elements"), which was installed in the interior and exterior of the museum. It deals with the complex interplay of man and nature and at the same time makes the richness of nature as well as its overwhelming, sometimes destructive power tangible to the senses. In six expansive installations and in the surrounding park, Heinsdorff is dedicated to human intervention in natural systems, climate change and the extinction of species, the exploitation of natural resources and their global trade, i.e. nature as a commodity.  
The exhibition combines artistic aesthetics with the principles of scientific research. It thus follows the interdisciplinary artistic practice of Markus Heinsdorff, who has been dealing with nature and the elements for many years. Heinsdorff has realised his installations, objects and photographic research projects on wind, water, landscape and animals in numerous countries, but also on the social effects of a changing nature, environmental pollution and basal architectural challenges brought about by natural disasters.  
The space-filling installations will be specifically developed and built for the museum. Accompanying the exhibition there will be a lecture programme with scientists and other personalities who will deal with the themes of the exhibition. 

Kallmann-Museum Ismaning
Editor: Rasmus Kleine
Authors: Juliane Diller, Rasmus Kleine
2019, 56 pages
Text: German