Kuss, Denker


Der Kuss, Der Denker
1994 and 2001 by Auguste Rodin

The Kiss. Light box, cut into 15 light arrays with permanently changing light By analogical control system the 15 arrays are shining in different combinations to each other as mosaics. - Height 0,94 m, breadth 0,75 m, depth 0,07 cm. 


Der Denker
A permanently changing light mosaic.

Photograph of "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin cut into 18 light boxes, each 35 x 35 cm, illuminated by analogical relais control in different intervals. - Height 2,30 m, breadth 1,10 m.
2001 Installation Max-Planck-Haus, München
Exhibition SON and "Lange Nscht der Museen"


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