space ship

space ship
Exhibition of a temporary light weight object in front of the Pinakothek der Moderne. The extremely light weight and modular construction is the object's foremost characteristic. It allows for a variety of construction and combination methods and can be used as an international deployable building kit. It is also floatable.

The art/architecture installation refers directly to contemporary challenges concerning low cost building and living space, in Germany as well as abroad.

Realised in cooperation with Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Deutschland GmbH (SGBDD), materials from Raab Karcher, a trademark of SGBDD.

Further support from: Atelier Damböck Messebau GmbH, Meuvo Ökotechnik GmbH, Hans Hundegger AG

Team: TUM architects team; Jan Stahl, architect; Andreas Zeiselmair, consulting; Andreas Wilke, production; Klaus Günther, assistence; Verena Gaukler, assistence; Klaus Meuren, consulting; Stoll - Feinblechtechnik

Cut and audio: Benedikt von Unold

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